A+O at Stockholm Art Book Fair 2015

Arvinius + Orfeus is a proud participant at this year's Stockholm Art Book Fair from April 17-19! Visit us at Spritmuseum to pick up copies of our new and classic releases or find out more about the exciting upcoming titles in art and design.


Some of the titles you can expect to find are

+ Anton Alvarez: The Thread Wrapping Machine

+ Studio Talks: Thinking Through Painting

+ Contemporary Sami Art and Design

+ The Nerdrum School

+ Contemporary Swedish Art Jewellery


For more information, visit the official website


Nominated for Årets Rum 2015 - Museum in the Dock, BIG Architects

Congratulations to BIG Architects on their nomination for Årets Rum 2015 at Stockholm Design Week, for MUSEUM IN THE DOCK. The winner will be announced 2 Februrary and you can read more about this acclaimed project by ordering the book HERE.


How does one breathe new life into an abandoned dry dock? BIG architects have designed an extraordinary museum to revive Denmark’s proud maritime history. The Danish Maritime Museum fits into a unique historical and spatial context between one of Denmark’s most important buildings – the world-famous Kronborg Castle – and a new, ambitious cultural centre. In order to preserve the dock as an open, outdoor space, BIG has placed the museum underground, just outside the wall of a dry dock in a formerly abandoned shipyard.

SEE THE LIGHT Launch at Stockholm Design Week

Join us for the release of See the Light by Svante Pettersson on 4 February at the Nordic Light Hotel as a part of Stockholm Design Week! See you there!

New Release in December: Bank of the Future Openness, Simplicity, Care

Through an innovative interpretation of their client's core values, 3XN materializes the ideas of openness, simplicity and care in a modern office space for Swedbank's new headquarters in Stockholm. Author Thomas Dickson explores how 3XN's emphasis on transparency, Scandinavian simplicity and a dynamic social environment creates an inviting democratic space while reducing energy consumption. Pre-order it here

New Release in December: Åkestam Holst From Zero to Fame

The Nordic region's leading advertising agencies will be presented in a series of monographs, published in both Swedish and English for an international market. The premiere book will be released on December 17 and focuses on Åkestam Holst. The book's purpose is to reflect modern advertising history and contribute to the inspiration for development.

Åkestam Holst: From Zero to Fame is a thorough portrayal of the Agency's history, successes and setbacks, values, approach to advertising, work process and visions for the future. Åkestam Holst’s many accolades confirm the agency’s aspiration since its founding in 1998 – the desire to build strong relationships with clients who share a belief in the power and possibilities of alternative communication.Being named Sweden’s top advertising agency seven times since 2003 also confirms their greatness. Pre-order the book here.

Arvinius + Orfeus 2014-15 catalogue for download

Arvinius + Orfeus' titles present the Nordic countries' most innovative classic and contemporary artists, architects and designers. Have a look at our new catalogue and get inspired. 


Frankfurt Book Fair 8-12 October 2014, Booth 4.1.K99

Please join us at the 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair! On 8-12 October, Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing will present our 2014-15 titles in booth 4.1.K99 of the Frankfurt Book Fair. We will have copies of all of our recent titles, and previews of books that are currently in production. We warmly welcome you to stop by our booth.

Prince Eugen's World of Flowers & 100th anniversary of Waldermarsudde flowerpot

A+O Publishing is pleased to announce the English release of Prince Eugen's World of Flowers. The book's arrival coincides with the centenary of the iconic Waldemarsudde flowerpot and will debut at the unveiling of a special edition flowerpot to mark the special anniversary on April 16.


In this inspirational book, with eloquent photos by photographer Yanan li, a different story of Prince Eugen's paradise is told. Florist Kristina Öhman describes her work of keeping an organic cultural heritage alive, and gives her best tips on the art of making pictorial decorations of what Swedish nature has to offer - from bare branch nests of early spring to wild summer bouquets and silver green winter wreaths. Order here.

New Release: Contemporary Sami Art and Design

This book is the first international presentation of contemporary artists and designers in the Sápmi region, an area spanning northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and northwestern Russia. Sami traditions, both historically and from today, are inspirational sources for these contemporary artists and designers. This book presents works produced by 35 leading artists, both established and emerging – a reference book for anyone with an interest in expressions of contemporary art and design from Sápmi. Pre-order here.

Monica Förster wins Designer of the Year

Big congratulations to Monica Förster on her Designer of the Year 2015 win from ELLE Decoration Sweden!


Find out more about the Swedish designer in her first monograph illustrating more than 15 years of successful collaborations with some of the world’s best producers, from Italian brands such as Tecno, De Padova and Cappelini to Swedish brands like Swedese

and Offecct.


Featuring sketches, renderings, models and exhibition work, as well as unique insight into Monica Förster’s ideas and design processes, you can follow Förster on her journey from the small village of Dorotea where she grew up to the limelight of the international design scene, bringing with her the poetry and craftsmanship from the region where she grew up.


Order the book here.


Kristina Öhman and PRINS EUGENS VÄRLD AV BLOMMOR featured in episode 11 of Go'kväll on SVT! Click the here to watch the interview and her beautiful flower arrangements.


You can order the book here.

New Release in February: See the Light

See the Light is an inspirational book about light, light philosophy, lighting design and getting to know your visual sense. Richly illustrated with over 500 images, even complex concepts in lighting become lively and engaging, and made easy to understand. Author Svante Pettersson, a lighting designer highly acclaimed both in his native Sweden and internationally, discusses everything from spectacular outdoor lighting to original interior solutions. This book is a must have for both professionals and aspiring lighting designers. Pre-order the book here.


New Release in December: Norwegian Interior Architecture


Renowned for its top architects, Norway also boasts of some of the most talented interior architects and furniture designers active today. This book examines in detail 31 acclaimed interior architecture and furniture design projects from the last four years, including Snøhetta’s meaningful Maggie’s Cancer Center in Aberdeen, the famous Halden Prison by Beate Ellingsen, and Kristin Jarmund’s stunning Troldsalen in Bergen. 
The book is a cooperation project between the Norwegian Association for Interior Architects and Furniture Designers (NIL) and A+O Publishing. Pre-order the book here.


New Release in December: Prince Eugen's Word of Flowers


This book tells the exciting story of how Swedish Prince Eugen took a lively interest in flowers and plants, and presents his original flowerpot design, which has now been in production for nearly a century. From the florist working at Waldemarsudde as a cicerone, we discover how flowers played a vital role in the Prince’s life at Waldemarsudde, and how important they still are today at this beautiful artist home in Stockholm. The florist also presents inspiring tips on how to arrange flowers in the famous pots, as table decorations and in the garden for all seasons throughout the year. Pre-order the book here.


Studio Talks: Thinking Through Painting, Book Launch at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Stockholm this saturday

Thinking Through Painting is an on-going investigation of contemporary painting involving numerous discussions and studio visits over the past five years. Please join us in celebrating the new book Studio Talks: Thinking Through Painting, which will launch at the opening of the exhibition Thinking Through Painting, Part 2 at The Royal Academy of Fine Art in Stockholm this Saturday, 4 October, from 12-4 pm. To order the book click here.


New Release: Anton Alvarez – Thread Wrapping Machine


The book details the artist's development of a machine that spins thousands of metres of brightly coloured thread around pieces of wood and metal to join them, producing solid benches, stools and lamps. Most recently, this process has been expanded to include architectural installations like the kind exhibited at Gustavsbergs Konsthall. Edited by Julie Cirelli and with art direction by Aron Kulander-Östling, this beautiful clothbound limited edition book includes texts by UglyCute founder Andreas Nobel and legendary British artist and curator Richard Wentworth, with photography by Gustav Almestål, James Champion, Katrin Greiling, Paul Plews, Casper Sejersen, Vincent Skoglund and Märta Thisner. Order the book here.