The Danish National Maritime Museum in Helsingør designed by BIG in close collaboration with exhibition designers Kossmann.dejong, gracefully intertwines crucial historic elements with an innovative layout of galleries and way-finding, BIG’s renovation scheme reflects Denmark's historical and contemporary role as one of the world's leading maritime nations. The new Danish National Maritime Museum finds itself in a unique historical context adjacent to one of Denmark’s most important buildings, Kronborg Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site - known from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It is the last addition to Kulturhavn Kronborg, a joint effort involving the renovation of the Castle and two new buildings – offering a variety of culture experiences to residents and visitors to Helsingør.

This book invites readers to take a journey through Denmark’s long ship building tradition and demonstrates how one can breathe new life into one of these industrial harbors by impregnating it with a social program. Leaving the 60 year old dock walls untouched, the galleries are placed below ground and arranged in a continuous loop around the dry dock walls - making the dock the centerpiece of the exhibition - an open, outdoor area where visitors experience the scale of ship building. The long and noble history of the Danish Maritime unfolds in a continuous motion within and around the dock, 7 meters (23 ft.) below the ground. All floors - connecting exhibition spaces with the auditorium, classroom, offices, café and the dock floor within the museum - slope gently creating exciting and sculptural spaces.

Bruce Peter deftly animates the sea faring tradition and the designers accomplishments through his deft prose. The book aims to celebrate this unique institution that balances on reporting upon the past and celebrating the current and future trajectory of Denmark’s union with the sea.

Author: Bruce Peter
Photos: Luca Santiago Mora, Rasmus Hjortshøj, Thijs Wolzak, Ole Thomsen
Graphic Design: WAAITT Design Studio
Pages: 208
Format: 220x240 mm
Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket
Publisher: Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing, Stockholm /Oslo
ISBN 978-91-980756-4-9

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